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Temple St. Clair e Vettori boutique on Ponte Vecchio.

A beautiful sunny day is one that accompanies my ride in the discovery and in the account of a Florentine history that combines harmoniously the past with the future. The House’s number one jewelry 132 punch Vettori, born in 1937 by Leopoldo Vettori goldsmith, with boutiques on the old bridge, the symbol of Florence and the center for the gold in the world.

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To meet me i find Alessandra, wife of Ferdinand the second generation Vettori, which I proudly displays the unique pieces that made an international brand carriers participating in fairs such as Dubai and Sharjah and trunk show in New York and Miami.

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The boutique has recently undergone a stylish redesign, in tones ranging from blue to green celadon, expanding its facilities with the opening of the first boutique Temple St. Clair, an area of 23 square meters that includes precious stories of art. Temple St. Claire is an American designer, Virgina to precision, who studied in Florence and began his love for art, knowledge of the techniques of goldsmithing and working relationships with Florentine master goldsmiths that over time you are turned to her family. His accomplishments are permanently on display at the Museum of Decorative Arts at the Louvre.


To bring together these two stories are love for handmade, made in Florence, the design and the desire to create not “jewelry” but works of art. The boutique in Temple St. Claire is bright, has a window overlooking the Arno from where the view reaches the hills embracing all the beauties that meets within its range.

jewelry temple st claire

Her designs combine classic elements with a modern designer where to Lord it is yellow gold and the use of precious stones, rare stones like the Australian black opal, tourmaline and Brazilian electric blue Moonstone blue. Great iconic charms in gold and rock crystal and precious stones. Vettori and Temple St. Claire is the beginning of a new history of beauty on a bridge over the past few years has lost its identity.

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Boutique Vettori

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