Places to see in Calabria: Statti Palace

palazzo statti

Places to see in calabria: Statti palace

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Statti Palace

places to see in calabre

Dear Gentlemen today I’ll tell you the place where I took the photos of my outfit. I am in Calabria in Lamezia Terme, Catanzaro province, a city located on the plain of Sant’Eufemia.  Among the historic buildings of the city stands the 18th-century building in the historic district of Santa Lucia Statti family. One of the few buildings that still retains its original architecture unlike many others that have changed due to numerous earthquakes and neglect of man.

Family of Albanian origin, “Stath” then Italianized in Statti, arrived in Calabria ne sec. XVI following the King scanderbeg. The family is in 18TH sec. registered seat of the nobility  and it is precisely in this century that strengthens its economic power, thanks to the large amounts of money available and the numerous loans to many city dwellers, and political power having been appointed as administrators of estates of princes d’Aquino di Castiglione. This power is also manifested by granting of the burial of some components inside the crypt of the Church of San Domenico, next to former landowners Nicastro: the Caracciolo. In the Church of San Teodoro, placed in the homonymous neighbourhood, the family built the marble altar where there are weapons in the House.

Italian men's fashionReturning to the palace we find his description in a note lithograph of sec. 19TH of Charles Ddier. The building consists of three floors and overlooks largo Damiano Statti, one of the ancestors of the House architect of fortune. The façade is decorated with an alternation of balconies and concave shell-shaped inlays rich bays and fans. The portal is in granite, richly decorated, surmounted by the shield arms. Inside, in the back, a garden with a wall that recreates the wave forms of the façade. Access to the main floor is via an imposing white marble staircase that leads you through a sequence of rooms, the reception hall with frescoes ceiling where triumph two console tables and mirrors in carved and gilded wood.

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