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Perfume Amour Bakhoor of AVERY PERFUME GALLERY.

Dear Gentlemen Valentine’s day is fast approaching and you are certainly committed to seeking the perfect gift to surprise and to excite your beloved soulmate. While it is true that “the soul is encased in their beings smell” what better way to enjoy for themselves or for others a great perfume? Staying on the topic of love today I want to tell you about a new fragrance from Avery Perfume Gallery that I appreciated and loved since the first time I wore: Amour Bakhoor.

amour bakhoor

A seductive fragrance dedicated to people who love the oud, amber and the florals with hints of fruit. This is a fragrance that is part of a new project commissioned by Celso Fadelli, President, fragrance brand Intertrade Group and curator mastermind creator niche and global retail concept AVERY PERFUME GALLERY. There are seven new sensual perfumes contained in a fascinating and beautiful copper colored bottle that presents gleams like gold antique: White Not, Noisy Noisette, Cuir Touch, Amour Bakhoor, Chypre Elixir, Musk Mélange and Twist de Bois.

amour bakoor
A perfume is like a musical chord, contains notes which must be similar and harmonious with each other to create a melody. Are 3 chords of a perfume: the head, the heart and base. The agreement of the head contains the first impression lasts a few minutes, then leaves the place to the agreement of the heart, the dominant theme of the perfume, which lasts a few hours, and finally the basic agreement that lasts a long time. Love has an odor, an aroma? I think so, but I would add that every love has its own personal scent.

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See the notes of Amour Bakhoor:

top notes: black pepper, saffron, Rose, osmanthus,

Plum heart notes: Incense

base notes: benzoin, amber Agreement Agreement Oud

luxury men's perfum
Amour Bakhoor is a perfume that unleashes its harmony from an agreement of spices and fruits, which take shape in an Iranian roses bouquet with subtle touches of incense, complementing in a seductive final wake of oud and amber. I can’t guarantee love wearing Amour Bakoor effects, but I am sure that you will leave a good memory of your presence, what never predictable!

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