“Figue en fleur” by Andreè Putman: fig perfume


Figue en fleur: Fig Perfume

Dear Gentleman,
In the summer months it is always difficult to find the right perfume that reconciles the needs of freshness, lightness and above all that is not too invasive and with the heat is annoying.
In 2015 Madame Andreè Putman, on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of the collaboration with Celso Faldelli, creates five fragrances including one that has caught my attention and of which today I want to talk to you. This is figue en Fleur and by the name you can well guess what kind of fragrance it is.

A light spray of this perfume can accompany any evening and summer look giving a feeling of clean, fresh nature and subtle elegance. Figue en Fleur recalls the landscapes and smells of Provence and the whole Mediterranean. The fig tree produces its fruit, from which bloom small flowers that release their natural fragrance in the air. This perfume captures the pure essence of a childhood dream, a dreamy and wonderfully intoxating effluently.

Let’s see specifically the notes of Figue EN FLEUR
Top notes: Fig Leaves and roses;
Heart notes: Fig and almond wood;
Base notes: Tonka bean, sandalwood.
The depth of Tonka bean, wood and almonds create a pure, fresh and intoxfying spring bouquet.

Figue en Fleur by Putman is an aromatic fragrance that is not only suitable for men but also for women.
Figue en Fleur is distributed by AVERY Perfume Gallery and is available in a 30 ml bottle; 100 ml; 250 ml.

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